Christine Thiessen

Christine is the Founder and Co-chair of the Winnipeg Women's Conference. 

With 10+ years working with Women Business Owners of Manitoba, and being involved in the business community, she is excited to bring this conference to life!

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Leilah Perchaluk

Leilah is the Co-chair of the Winnipeg Women's Conference. 

Having been involved in the Winnipeg business community for a number of years, Leilah can't wait to see what this conference will do for the Winnipeg landscape. 

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Cady Jessiman

Cady is Head of Operations for the Winnipeg Women's Conference.

With a background in both business and events, she is excited to use her skills to help organize this conference. 

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Jessica Keus

Jessica is the Sponsorship Coordinator for the Winnipeg Women's Conference. 

With a background in finance, and years working with successful women in business, Jessica is passionate about education and seeing her clients get to the next level. She is excited to be on the committee as well as a speaker. 

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Lindsay Sinclair

Lindsay is a Marketing Coordinator for the Winnipeg Women's Conference. 

Personal and professional development has been key in her career, and she is thrilled that the Winnipeg community will have the same opportunity that other countries and provinces have for local growth. 

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Yaza Shapata

Yaza is a Registration Coordinator for the Winnipeg Women's Conference. 

She is looking forward to making connections and building strong relationships with attendees for the event, and making sure the registration process moves smoothly from beginning to end. 

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Julia Grubert Van Iderstine

Julia is the Social Media Coordinator

for the Winnipeg Women's Conference. 

She is the founder at Bright Consulting, where she creates compelling digital content and develops actionable social media strategies. She can't wait to network with other powerful women in business. 

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Kimberley Kiemeney

Kimberley is the Outreach Coordinator for the Winnipeg Women's Conference.


She is the Client Outreach Coordinator at Comforts of Home - Care.  She loves being part of a team that makes such a positive difference in the lives of others!  She believes that we succeed by building each other up and creating a strong network to support and grow with. Adept at multitasking and looking at the big picture, Kimberley is excited to network with other women in business and to be a part of the committee for this exciting Conference.  

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Aly Raposo

Aly is the Outreach Coordinator for the Winnipeg Women's Conference.

She is the Human Rights Committee of Council Coordinator for the City of Winnipeg, and a board of directors member with the alpha house project inc. - a domestic violence shelter for women. Her initiatives have earned her tremendous awards in the past few years, including.. 

University of Manitoba Emerging Leader Award 2018

YMCA-YWCA Young Woman of Distinction Award in 2017

CBC Manitoba Future 40 finalist in 2017

Aly is looking forward to working with the committee to make the Winnipeg Women's Conference a success! 

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Annie Quinton

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Annie continues to be amazed at what this city has to offer - especially this conference. She has a passion for marketing and is excited to work alongside these powerful women to further connect with the Winnipeg community.

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Tina Boenders

Tina can’t wait to be a part of bringing this fantastic conference to life, making it the best experience for attendees and all the amazing women attending. She’s excited to meet, connect, and learn with other women in business and this amazing community. 

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Dana Plett

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Dana has a background of planning and organizing events. As a passionate Winnipegger she is looking forward to being a part of an amazing event that will bring likeminded women in the business community together